Mete Guneyhan Dis Ticaret  is a fully integrated fresh fruit  supply company, owned by growers and their export partner, Mete Guneyhan Dis Ticaret. Their key objective is to provide quality fruit from tree to shelf while offering growers and customers complete transparency throughout the supply chain.

Mete Guneyhan Dis Ticaret  is situated in Mersin Turkey. The company’s role is to select, pack, store,  and coolstore fruit to meet market demand. Alongside the field team and growers meet regularly sharing growing and technical advice throughout the growing season. At harvest fruit is carefully monitored and selected at its best to meet our customers requirements. Maturity meetings are held on each property with all growers having input into interpreting the best harvest windows and management practices. Under the careful eye of the Field Operations Manager the fruit is then directed to packing or storage depending on which of our customers each block is being grown for and its place in the season long marketing plan.

Mete Guneyhan’s role is to provide sales, marketing, shipping, logistics, funding and administration support, along with certification and quality assurance, whilst providing the highest possible returns for Mete Guneyhan and our grower partners.
Our growers aim is to achieve maximum on orchard results by supplying to customer specific programs, meeting their needs in terms of variety selection, size, colour and sweetness. All Mete Guneyhan growers are Eurepgap accredited and follow our good agricultural practice philosophies. This is highlighted by our sustainable growing practices and our new variety development programmes. Innovation, technical excellence and variety development are key drivers for our growers, who are among some of the best in Turkey.

Turkey is the leading cherry producer of the world. Our cherry is worldwide known Turkish Napoleon Cherry (0900 Ziraat Type).

We export our %100 production to Europe and our cherry increases market share in Europe with each passing year with it’s crop season reachs 70 days with the high product quality. We export many European and Middle Eastern Countries We deliver top quality fruit at most competitive prices.

All our processing, packing and cold storage investments are located in the middle of fruit and vegetable production regions in order to provide both our customers as well as farmers with the most economic and quality service possible.

At Guneyhan Cherries we believe in using only the necessary bare minimum application of chemicals in a non wasteful approach.

Our ecological footprint is minimal.

Fertiliser is applied with irrigation and an extensive use is made of the very efficient foliar fertislisers (leaf absorption).
There is no run off of fertilizer or chemicals into waterways and our irrigation monitoring ensures no leaching into the aquifers.

Our crop is protected by nets, so there is no poisoning