Mete Guneyhan has built up a reputation as being experts in the supply of Nuts and Dried fruits. To trade in commodities requires an in-depth knowledge of the product and many years of experience to understand the complexities of the international markets. Regular visits are made to countries of origin to gather information on crop conditions and to help determine world supply..

In addition to understanding market conditions and the individual commodities, it is also essential that we understand our customers’ business and needs. Great emphasis is placed on the need to spend time with our customers, discussing the nature of their business, their current requirements and future directions.

It is only by building long term relationships with customers and suppliers that we have been able to grow. Honesty and transparency are the cornerstones of these relationships and the hallmarks of Mete Guneyhan’s approach to business, enabling a mutual trust and respect to develop.

To meet the high standards demanded by our customers, Voicevale is committed to working closely with its suppliers.




Sulphured Apricots

Unsulphured Apricots

Diced ( chopped ) Apricots

Sweet and bitter Apricots Kernels


All types of Turkish Dried Figs:Naturel, lerida,garland, pulled, protoben, layer, baglama, lokum

Fig paste

Diced ( chopped ) Figs




All Types of Turkish Dried Fruit packed in bulk (12.5kg-14kg) or in Cello bags






Raw, Roasted qualities.

Packed in traditional weights of either jute, poly bags or vacuu med bags in cartons.